Mois de Septembre 2002

Dimanche 22 Septembre 2002 à 20H15, par Jets

- Nouvelle Release de Doom Legacy pour Windows, Dos et linux dont voici els améliorations:

- Added 3D-Floors and 3D translucent water in both software and hardware mode
- Added volumetric fog and 3D lights in software mode
- Added enhanced FraggleScript support
- Added Heretic support
- Coloured sector lighting

Hardware specific enhancements
- Some work on the lighting and the coronas
- Much improved OpenGL and Glide support (supports nearly all software features)
- Added support for 3D positional sound cards (require DirectX 7 or above)
- Improved map loading time

- Timeout detection and kick player if connection timeout
- New menu option : create server and connect server
- Use masterserver to detect all servers in the world
- Fixed issues with netgame and dehacked
- No more palette change in splitscreen

- New console variables added (see help inside Legacy)
- New utility to easily add FraggleScript to any map
- New slightly modified launcher
- New demonstration map (RainBowStar)
- ...and the usual bug fixes (lots of them)...
This new version is avaialble at our download section.

A télécharger dans la section Ports.

Jeudii 12 Septembre 2002 à 01H40, par Jets

- Nouvelle version de JDoom (disponible en light ou en full), dont voici les améliorations de la 1.7.4:

- Direct3D depth buffer mode verified to work correctly. This has caused some (or all) of the INVALIDCALL errors with the init of the D3D renderer.
- Mouse wheel was confused with mouse buttons 5 and 6.
- Occasionally the Dehached reader did some bad memory allocation, which led to a crash at shutdown.
- FMOD: MIDI looping bug fixed.
- Fixed a rare potential crashing bug in the clipper.
- XG-related fixes in jDoom and jHeretic.

Améliorations de la 1.7.3:

- New installer.
- New startup window. The -fullstart option has been removed.
- Support for more mouse buttons and joystick axes. It should now be possible to use controllers like the Spaceorb.
- A help window in the Control Panel. I haven't written help for all options yet, but there will be help for the most cryptic settings.
- MIDI music volume is now adjusted using the Windows mixer, which might work better with some sound cards.
- Various bug fixes: halos from moving objects, music at volume zero, EAX init, FMOD CD volume, dedicated mode text console, paletted textures.
- Some new XG functionality for jDoom and jHeretic.
- jDoom's Options menu has been slightly rearranged.
- Console command for creating mobjs (spawnmobj).
- jHexen shouldn't crash any more with an unpatched Deathkings.

A télécharger dans la section Ports.

Mercredi 04 Septembre 2002 à 13H15, par Jets

- Nouvelle Release Candidate de Doom Legacy (disponible uniquement pour Windows), qui fixes plusieurs problèmes et autres bugs. Plus d'info sur ce thread. A télécharger dans la section Ports.


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