Mois de Janvier 2008

Vendredi 25 Janvier 2008 à 12 H08, par Jets

Bonne année à tous! Pour commencer cette année voici une nouvelle version de Vavoom :)

- Rewrote most of the menu system, added very basic support for mouse.
- Implemented support for FON1 and FON2 format fonts, coloured text, FONTDEFS and TEXTCOLO scripts.
- Use glBSP to build nodes internally (if needed). Building of GWA files is now optional.
- Implemented support for ACS HUD messages.
- Added support for additive translucency.
- Added stealth Doom monsters.
- Implemented support for camera textures.
- Implemented support for ambient sounds defined in SNDINFO using $ambient command.
- Added support for swimable Boom water.
- Implemented support for padding, scaling, rotating and aligning sector floors and ceilings.
- Implemented particle fountains and sparks.
- Implemented support for monster patrol points.
- Added support for TITLEMAP.
- Initial DECORATE support. Old style decorations, projectiles and pickups work fine, support for actor definitions is very limited, many simple objects will work but anything more complex won't.
- Implemented support for custom player colours.
- Implemented support for many (around 25) line specials.
- Implemented most of the missing ACS commands.
- Implemented scripted marines.
- Fixed many bugs, other small things.

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