Mois de Juin 2008

Lundi 06 Juin 2008 à 13H22, par Jets

Une nouvelle version de Vavoom vient de sortir :)

Au menu:

- Implemented support for many line specials and extended flags.
- Added support for multiple different skies in a level.
- Added support for advanced skyboxes and sector stacks.
- Added support for mirrors and reflective floors and ceilings.
- Added support for additive translucency for 3D floors.
- Added secret trigger and hate target classes.
- Implemented many of the missing MAPINFO properties.
- Added separate texture offsets for top, middle and bottom wall textures.
- Implement support for custom skill definitions.
Implemented support for UDMF format maps.

A télécharger dans la section dédié comme d'habitude.

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