Mois de Novembre 2008

Lundi 10 Novembre 2008 à 19H10, par Jets

Une nouvelle version de PrBoom vient de sortir :)

Au menu:

    - Limit the game to one CPU core on a multicore machine [prb+]
    - Fix crash when out-of-range values are used in fixed point arithmetic [prb+]
    - Allow the game to build without SDL_mixer, add --without-mixer option to
    ./configure to force this. Music support will be disabled in this case
    - Don't set the default game skill from the new game menu
    Instead there is an option to set it explicitly in the General menu
    - Fix the brightness of the player's weapon
    - Fix linear filtering on flats in software mode
    - Fix crash when an unknown sprite is used with a non-zero frame number
    - Restore special case for trivial maps (bug #1837422)
    - Fix screenshots in high colour screen modes - if libpng is available at
    build time it will be used, otherwise a BMP will be saved
    - Don't process mouse input in the menus [prb+]
    - Always use Doom's main menu order to avoid bugs with Alien Vendetta [prb+]
    - Remove line of junk graphics below status bar [prb+]
    - Restore Boom friction and bobbing code [prb+]
    - Fix crash by testing for null targets in mancubus fire code pointers
    - Restore last known enemy check in Boom compatibility [prb+]
    - Animated middle textures with zero index forced [prb+]
    - Better handling of unrecognised demo formats [prb+]
    - Fix for hanging decoration disappearing in Batman Doom MAP02 [prb+]
    - Fix menu description: pain elementals are limited to 21 lost souls
    - Manual page fixes from Debian
    - Fix position of netgame player arrows on the automap in rotate mode
    - Ignore chat key presses in multiplayer demo playback and -solo-net
    - In deathmatch demo playback always draw player arrows on the automap
    - In a multiplayer demo, don't reset view to console player on a new map
    - Fix crash when MP3 music is being used and the player changes back to
    a piece of music that's already been loaded before
    - Avoid HOM effect on large maps such as epic.wad 5 [prb+]
    - Fix sound origins on large levels [prb+]
    - Handle demos with bad or missing headers [prb+]
    - Fix the colour of player 4 (red) in multiplayer
    - Play correct player pickup sounds in multiplayer demos
    - Don't allow solids to pass through no-clipping objects in Doom [prb+]
    - Restore Dehacked's ability to set the raisestate of a mobj [prb+]
    - Handle demos with a missing end marker [prb+]
    - Ignore switches that reference unknown textures instead of exiting
    - Fix crash when resetting a menu to defaults [prb+]
    - Fix crash when trying to play demos from Boom 2.00 [prb+]
    - Fix crash in multiplayer demos when there are still sounds playing
    on map changes (e.g. players revving chainsaws) [prb+]
    - Fix mouse clicks on the intermission screen being ignored
    - Don't eat screenshot key presses (see sf bug #1843280)
    - Detect Hexen-format maps and refuse to play them, instead of crashing
    - Fix crash when loading maps with missing player starts
    - The backs of switches must be pressable in any demo recorded by
    Boom 2.01, even those in Boom's "compatibility" mode [prb+]
    - Force comp_doorstuck=1 in Boom 2.01 compatibility mode [prb+]
    - comp_dropoff=1 was broken in MBF compatibility mode [prb+]
    - Restore --disable-dogs but make sure it doesn't break Dehacked
    - Fix desync if the user presses pause on the intermission screen [prb+]
    - comp_666 fixed: either cyberdemon or spider can end E2M8 or E3M8;
    killing a baron on E3M8 won't cause the level to end any more [prb+]
    - Fix broken string matching in Dehacked [prb+]
    - Passing --without-net to ./configure will compile the game without
    network support; this may help if your platform lacks SDL_net
    - Fix crash when reloading network savegames (bug #1590350)
    - Fix bug in transparency rendering caused by doing it in two places
    - Added high color rendering

Egalement une nouvelle version de GZDoom:

- This updates to the very latest ZDoom and adds a few lighting features for the GL renderer that hopefully help while playing darker maps.

De nouveaux packs de textures HD pour Doomsday/GZDoom et Edge soont également disponibles dans la section téléchargement.

A télécharger dans la section dédié comme d'habitude.


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