Mois de Janvier 2011

Dimanche 16 Janvier 2011 à 12H49, par Jets

Bonne année à tous !

Pour commencer, voici une nouvelle version de GZDoom:

- customizable intermission sequences
- more supported music formats (XMI, HMI, HMP)
- better support of Timidity++ for extended MIDI formats
- less quirky jumping code
- major redesign of portal clipping. Problems with one sided lines in portals should be almost completely gone now.

Update: 1.5.05 has been uploaded which fixes some bugs with nonstandard portals and reflective floors.
Update2: 1.5.06 fixes a crash bug with more than 16 portals in a map.

Idem pour Vavoom:

A new version has been released today. The biggest change is the removal of software renderer ( as it was announced before). Other than that it's mostly bug fixes and some improvements here and there.

Par ailleurs de nouveaux packs de textures hautes résolutions sont disponibles pour Vavoom, GZDoom, Doomsday et Edge.

A télécharger dans la section dédié comme d'habitude ;-)

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