Mois de Mai 2013

Samedi 03 Mai 2013 à 14H58, par Jets

Nouvelle version de JDOOM

Les changements sont les suivants:

  • Frontend: Duplicating a profile with addons attached caused runtime errors in the frontend
  • Renderer: Fog should never be applied to weapon psprite
  • Map Renderer: Fog was not drawn for the sky at all
  • Disabling weapon psprite lowering with Values was not correctly applied when using sprites
  • Music: Symbols (like ~) were not expanded in the SF2 soundfont path, causing the FluidSynth plugin to not find the soundfont
  • Updater: If never checked for updates, don't print an invalid time
  • Dehacked: Potential logic error when parsing weapon numbers
  • Ubuntu: is again the primary APT repository

A télécharger dans la section dédié comme d'habitude ;-)

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